Hiddur is advertised on 13 Jewish sites worldwide. Chadei Hashem,in the few weeks since our launch date, we have been visited by 2000 yidden worldwide, hundreds have signed up to receive our notifications. Our next shiur project will be "Modern appliances on shabbos and yom tov." This shiur will be viewed by thousands bezras hashem. Please join us in this great kiddush hashem. To have Rabbi Gips promote your business or product, at the beginning of one of the chapters of these shiur videos, kindly click on the shiur, or contact us at sales@hiddur.org. Rabbi Gips will begin recording "Hiddur Hadaf".Beginning with Masechte Brachos on the new machzor of Daf Yomi. Dedicate a daf, and simultaneously have your product viewed by thousands Hiddur is a non-profit and well send you a receipt at the end of 2019.